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Litigation and Settling Disputes
Legal acceptance is not everything, but without its acceptance the law is nothing." Going to court is one means among others to help a client obtain his rights. Therefore, a court case is never an end in itself, but when it takes place then it must be pursued vigorously and with determination. We represent the interests of our clients
  • at all local and district courts in Germany as well as at the upper district court in Düsseldorf,
  • at all labor courts up to the federal labor court,
  • at all finance courts including the federal finance court,
  • at all social and administrative courts,
  • in all dealings with administrative or cartel officials
  • as well as dealings with the European Commission.

It is not always possible to avoid having a legal battle take place in a foreign court. The results then depend primarily upon having the foreign court understand the content and possibly the German legal position. In this case we can rely upon long years of experience and efficient cooperation with foreign lawyers who are associated with us through the International Association of Practising Lawyers (IAPL)

In international legal relationships, legal questions are often argued in front of a court of arbitration. We represent our clients there as well. We are able to do this representation in English.

When two conflict partners want to develop a legally acceptable solution to their problem we are able to act as mediator between them. A mediator does not take sides and is neutral. His duty is to clarify the different positions in order to reach a balance between these positions with the partners.